Evolution of Baconrings

In this day and age, everyone is on social media, posting about their day to day life, whether it be instagramming their latest Starbucks cup, or posting a status on Facebook saying they’ve lost their phone, people put themselves out in the public eye.  More recently though, blogs have become increasingly popular, with everyone from celebrities […]

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Exam week stress relief

This year we hit the battle of year 11 which means exam upon exam upon exam. Continuous tests of your knowledge which whilst it’s happening seems like the most meaningless thing to ever happen. People deal with exams very differently, some stay weirdly calm and simply go into that exam hall without a care in […]

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We are Bede, Coco, Iona, and Suz. 4 teenage girls who live in the UK. This is our blog where we will give our perspectives and opinions on life and the world around us, from fashion to physics.

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